Verizon enables 5G access in NYC and two more surprise cities

Verizon enables 5G access in NYC and two more surprise cities
Unfazed by T-Mobile's increasingly ruthless (and frankly, hilarious) attack ads, Verizon is today making good on last week's promise to roll out 5G Ultra Wideband service in "parts" of New York City. What Big Red didn't mention seven days ago is that the "Big Apple" is actually joined by two other cities on an ever-expanding list expected to include "more than 30" names by the end of the year.

New York City, Panama City, Florida, and Boise, Idaho are now part of a select group of 5G-supporting towns alongside Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Providence, St. Paul, and Washington, DC. That brings the current total up to 13 US cities, which means the next couple of months will be quite busy for Verizon in terms of 5G expansions if the carrier wants to meet its ambitious self-imposed goal.

As far as exactly where you can get a 5G Ultra Wideband signal on Verizon's network, there are unfortunately no regional coverage maps accompanying today's announcement. That already gave T-Mobile the perfect opportunity to mock its arch-rival yet again last Thursday with a brilliant press release spoof, but if it makes you feel any better, Verizon is sharing a little more detail on the general areas where you might be able to enjoy insane download speeds and crazy low latency in NYC, as well as Boise and Panama City.

New York City residents will want to search for an improved signal in "parts" of Downtown Brooklyn, Pelham Bay, Fordham Heights, and Hunt's Point in The Bronx, as well as several Manhattan neighborhoods including Harlem, East Harlem, Hell's Kitchen, Midtown, Financial District, and Washington Heights. You should also be able to download movies in "seconds versus minutes" around NYC landmarks like Bryant Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Madison Square Garden, and the Lincoln Tunnel, to name but a few.

In Panama City, Verizon will "concentrate" its next-gen mobile network in parts of Forest Park, Downtown, and the Lower Grand Lagoon initially, while Downtown Boise, West Boise, West End, Meridian, and Boise Junction make up the list of areas where you might experience vastly improved speeds as far as the most populous city in Idaho is concerned. 

Don't forget you need a 5G-capable device like the surprisingly popular Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and an eligible plan with an add-on typically priced at $10 a month but currently available free of charge for almost everyone.



1. CreeDiddy

Posts: 2240; Member since: Nov 04, 2011

It’s going to take iPhone next year to push 5G sales. I’m guessing that only less than 10 million 5G phones will be sold this year within the US. This goes across an entire Android eco system. Pretty pathetic.

2. chris2k5

Posts: 281; Member since: Nov 17, 2012

Apple haters always say how irrelevant iPhone is. Now they blame Apple for not influencing 5G market lol.

4. moisesnyc

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 26, 2019

Hello Adrian. I went to some store today and they send me to Bryant park to use the 5G. Can you please, post the others spots name in Midtown Manhattan, please :)
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